We have a wide variety of flavors, colors and sizes. Each cookie is made with love, passion and care. And because we are doing them from scratch, we know exactly what are in them!


Our cookies are without stabilizers or preservatives and made fresh daily.

We also value our vegan & glutenfree friends and therefore created some high quality cookies.


Cookies BOX

You have a BBQ or a Birthday this week.

Why not ordering the COOKONA Cookie Box, which includes our Bestsellers:

3 Special Cookies with Walnuts, Choco Chips, stuffed with Nutella and Kinder

3 Brownies with Cookie Dough on top

3 Cookie Cups with Filling

+ Personalize your Cookie Box!

+ Delivery to your home in Barcelona

+ Fresh and homemade, local pastry!

NOW for just 39,90€ 

and delivery to your home in Barcelona center

Please send us an email at after your payment with your full name and delivery address!

XL Cookies

If there is something you really like, let's say, we call it Chocolate Chip and you can choose between the classic or Oreo cookie version.


Where? Is the big question, everybody would like to ask? Where can I satisfy my addiction? Where can I find the best chocolate chip cookies in Barcelona?


Hot, with homemade Vanilla Ice Cream on top or Hot Fudge? Where? Let's say, we would tell you, that we have a solution for you. That we know a place. 

Let's say, that this place is called COOKONA.

Special Cookies

It is all about the core. It is all about the intrinsic values... of a cookie! Of the SPECIAL COOKIE.

If you already include yourself to the Levain Bakery League, we do not need to tell you, that in Barcelona we even offer it more sophisticated.


Choose between 3 different flavours:

1) Chocolate Chip, Walnuts and Kinder

2) Chocolate Chip, Walnuts and Twix

3) Chocolate Chips, Walnuts and Oats

The best about our Special ones, that the core is liquid, the cookie filled with chocolate chips and walnuts, and they have less sugar in the dough.


We know, that Perfection is a subjective illusion, but still, this cookie is so f***ing PERFECT!

You know the famous and extraordinary cookie dough from the US already? Scoop them like ice cream and top them with all different sorts of sprinkles or sauces.

Maybe you`ve swiped a bite of raw cookie dough while preparing a batch to bake or perhaps you`ve let your children lick the batter from the cake bowl.

We are the first & only place in Barcelona, which is serving these delicious doughs.



Cookies and ice cream spent their whole lives lonely and confused in Barcelona. They have always been told how amazing they were, but something was always missing. Then the day came. They found each other. They came together to form the most perfect creation. 


The ice cream sandwich. A classic. 


It combines two things that are delectable on their own, but when put together, it is pure magic. So why not open a place dedicated for serving this match made in heaven?



You always wanted to have your own giant cookie? You have an upcoming birthday? Don` t waste time with a boring cake, if you can have your own giant cookie pizza! 


--> Choose the cookie flavor, the layer, the toppings and the colors

Be creative and order your own cookie pizza!


WhatsApp: +34 650 740 830

Please send your request two days before delivery date!


You are in love with baked cookie dough? Then you will never eat something else then our beloved COOKIE CUPS. The size is just perfect, if you are gain for a special dessert portion or a little birthday present for your friend.

They combine a chewy crispy surface with an intense flavor and a liquid core in the inside. 

You can choose between 5 different flavors: Salted Caramel, Nutella, Kinder, Dark Chocolate with Peanutbutter or Lemon, Blueberry with White Chocolate. 

Eat them warm, or with our homemade ice cream on top.



Our bestseller goes Hollywood.


Who doesn't know about him. This piece of perfection. A combination, nobody should miss to try in COOKONA. 


Because you just deserve the BEST!


A soft, melted dark chocolate brownie on the bottom, combined with our special homemade chocolate chips cookie dough in the middle and to top it up with just the best, we can provide, we finish this sweety with our delicious Ganaché creme, which includes 60% dark chocolate.


The secret lays in the combination of our warm Brownie, on top a huge scoop of our homemade vanilla ice cream and round it up with an exclusive hot fudge on top.



Oh man, what can we say?


 This one has it all. Our Dough Cheesecake is not only a new kid to our COOKONA family, it is also already the most famous ONE.


Let´ start from the bottom, because the magic starts already there. Our Signature dish, the Cookie Dough as a base, in the middle our creamy and juicy cheesecake, which we prepare with so much love, because it is so delicate and on top you choose between Caramel, Strawberry or Chocolate.

Choose your own slice in our shop or order your own Dough Cheesecake for the next birthday party.



Super Shake

Combine a homemade milkshake, a giant XL cookie and a warm scoop of cookie dough and easy peasy, you just get the perfect match for your sweet stomach.


No need to choose anything else, when you have decide to go for the Super Shake!

Three different Milkshake flavors give you an idea of how amazingly different your own Super Shake can get.

There is no need to mention, that this Shake is not only delicious, it is also the best dish for your next Instagram post!

We call him the Super Burger, others just say,

"Oh my gosh, look at this One!"

So extraordinary and big, and he has it all! Cookie, Sauce, Ice Cream and Cookie Dough.

Not only we are the only Dough place in Barcelona, we are the only ones in whole Europe, where you can find the Dough Burger.

So unique!

Choose your own flavors, combine them and create your very own sweet burger!

Don't ask us "Where are the fries?"

We are on to create a new recipe for them right now! Stay tuned!


Elvis already knew, how to mix Banana with the best ingredient ever. Peanutbutter is merging easily together in COOKONA. 


Homemade warm spongy Banana Bread with walnuts, few sugar and so much banana flavor! On top one of our signature dough recipes: Chocolate Chip Peanutbutter and to round it up, creamy Peanutbutter Ganaché on top.

Let´s say, that one scoop of Ice Cream makes it the new favorite plate of the COOKONA owner Sabrina.

Banana Bread

Our Carrot Cake LOVE is real! 

And when we serve it with Coconut & White Chocolate Cookie Dough and White Chocolate Ganaché it is getting better and better. 

We nearly forgot to mention, that Vanilla Ice Cream on top is not only the perfect match,

it also is just D - E - L - I - C - I - O - U - S.

The Carrot Craziness contain a lot of organic & local carrots, walnuts and oats.

Still not convinced? Impossible!

Carrot Cake


We are located in the heart of the city center - in the beautiful barrio Eixample Izquierda.


Carrer Rosselló 160 * 08036 Barcelona, Spain


+34 665 200 461




We are open each day from 12 - 21h


seatings available · wheelchair accessible · dog friendly

card payment possible · employee smiles for free


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