5 reasons why your company needs a blog

5 reasons why your company needs a blog


Here at COOKONA, I have been working on curating a blog full of information about the business for you, its community of followers and customers. This features the origins of COOKONA and Sabrina’s story, new cookie flavours and products, employee stories, events and organisations COOKONA is involved with and more. But, why have a blog? Below I explain why every company should have a blog!

1. A blog drives relevant traffic to your website

Blogs offer an excellent opportunity to include useful and fresh content on your business’ website. The successful use of keyword and SEO (search engine optimization) research and management drives traffic to your page by positioning your website higher in the list of search engines. Each blog post is considered by search engines as a new page and so new and regular blog content pushes your website further up the search engine ranking list

2. Blogs build your business’ community

The production of regular and relevant blog content helps to build, for business, a community of target audience members. With regular and up-to-date content, blogs can become a point of reference for useful information and ideas for customers, offer a space to sell the business’ message and allow business owners to communicate directly with their customers.

3. Spotlight your existing and future products

Blogs offer another opportunity for business owners to share information with their customers about current products they have and new ones coming up. They offer a space to answer any customer questions and queries and a chance for companies to market their products by offering descriptions, photographs, information etc. For example, if COOKONA has a new cookie dough flavour, featuring this information in a new blog post acts as a form of marketing as it informs customers, who might share this information with friends and come in to buy the product.

4. Blogs create your brand personality

Help to define your brand personality by including blog content that reflects the type of image you want your business to project. Sabrina loves the relaxed, friendly, and outdoors lifestyle of Barcelona and so her blog reflects the same vibe with easy-to-read content. Furthermore, Sabrina is involved in many projects through COOKONA, such as the Female Entrepreneurs and Instagram Workshops, and so wants to highlight the business as an environment in which to learn, develop and grow.

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