How to use Instagram to develop your business

How to use Instagram to develop your business

Not Sabrina deems that Instagram is one of the best forms of digital marketing today for small companies. Now with more than 10,000 followers on Cookona’s account, Sabrina wants to share her Instagram knowledge to help other entrepreneurs when starting their own businesses.

Instagram Workshops

Sabrina has been holding Instagram workshops for the last two years for both individual entrepreneurs and groups alike. Recognising that there are many people out there who incorporate instagram into their digital marketing strategy, Sabrina shares information about tactics for gaining followers, generating a community and, most importantly developing an instagram strategy. The ultimate aim of this is for the company to receive a wider outreach, hence boosting the company’s sales and revenue. She says that ‘the good thing about Instagram is that there is no money involved. You only have to invest your time and so it is a great marketing tool when taken advantage of properly’.

Instagram Business Account

Another useful advantage of Instagram for small businesses is the “Business Account” option. Sabrina explains that by switching to this account you can see “insights”, which offer you a direct look into the statistics of your account. The information here focuses on who follows your page, including gender, nationality, city, age group and also provides you with information on how many followers you have gained in one week and which pictures receive the most views. This is useful to businesses as they can compare weeks and months, and how effective the frequency and timing of their posts are. This ultimately allows a company to create a niche Instagram marketing strategy directed exactly at its target audience.

LaMetric Machine

This is a new machine which displays a company’s live Instagram tracker. Sabrina uses this in the cafe as it not only shows Cookona’s live number of followers interacting with the company but it also displays the date, time and temperature. In this way it is a useful tool for engaging with customers and encouraging them to follow your business’ social media sites.

Instagram Giveaways

Sabrina likes to use giveaways which she organises directly through Cookona’s Instagram account. She did her first giveaway with 7000 followers and her second one recently with local food blogger Maria of Barcelona Food Experience ( They decided to hold a virtual raffle through Instagram and give away 2 cookie pizzas – one through Maria’s account and the other through Cookona’s. Sabrina explained that this was successful as she received 500 more followers on the day of the giveaway allowing her to connect better with her community of followers. She enjoys this method of reaching out through Instagram as it offers the opportunity to give something back to Cookona’s loyal community.


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