Female Entrepreneurs of Barcelona

Female Entrepreneurs of Barcelona

Aside from her love of all things “cookie”, Sabrina is working on developing other projects, such as the Female Entrepreneurs of Barcelona (FEB) meetup. After arriving in Spain, and as a female entrepreneur herself, Sabrina was eager to meet like-minded women with similar aspirations and goals. However, locating these people is not as easy as one might think.

Barcelona is rapidly earning itself the reputation of one of Europe's leading innovative hubs. Due to many characteristics, such as being cheaper than other European cities, including London and Paris, and government incentives, Barcelona is ever-attracting young entrepreneurs and startup pioneers to set up business here. An increasing number of these entrepreneurs are women. Noticing the need to build a communication network between these women bringing them closer together, Sabrina took matters into her own hands and created the FEB meetup group in November 2016.

Open to all female entrepreneurs, established or aspiring, this group offers a space where like-minded women can come together to offer support, guidance and advice to others. The meetup is held once a month over afternoon tea, featuring homemade cookies, cupcakes and sandwiches provided by Cookona. It offers a space where women can discuss their projects and their daily successes and struggle in the pursuit of happiness.

Now with a following of almost 700 female entrepreneurs, the group is ever-expanding. But it doesn't end there. Sabrina is eager to turn the FEB into an established organization to continue increasing the network and offering support and motivation to even more women. Not only this, but she aspires to introduce more activities to the organization, including workshops for instagram and sales, introduce mentors, talks, yoga sessions and more from outsiders and members within.

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