COOKONA’s New Specialty Cookie Pizza

COOKONA's New Specialty Cookie Pizza

New to COOKONA, Sabrina's latest creation is the specialty cookie pizza. With a diameter of 26cm, unlike the standard in-house cookie pizza, this one is bigger, better and made to order. If you have an anniversary, baby shower, birthday party or event coming up, then this is the perfect gift. Each cookie pizza is made individually to fit each customer's request. First the dough is baked and then rests for 4 hours before the layer and toppings are added. For this reason, Sabrina warns that it's best to order your cookie pizza 2 days in advance as it is a lengthy process to customize each pizza.

To ensure your exact cookie pizza needs are met, you will be given an order form which shows a list of all the options to choose from. There are over 10 cookie dough flavors which form the base of the cookie, including the classics such as dark chocolate, Vanilla, and chocolate chip, as well as Sabrina's own original flavors, with Ying Yang, matcha and lemon and white chocolate.

Following this you will need to select the layer of the cookie pizza with a choice from peanut butter, dulce de leche and nutella. Then, select a topping from a choice of 10 including Oreo dark or white, Kit Kat, Kinderbueno, Marshmallow and Bretzel. Finally, you will need to choose a color for the Smarties to make it your very own signature cookie pizza.

If you´re having trouble deciding which flavors, layers and toppings to choose from, Sabrina can combine two flavors in one cookie especially for you - half and half. Additionally, included in the 35 euro price is personalized packaging with a variety of different styles according to your needs. Sabrina uses Stuart, the delivery company, to deliver the cookie pizza directly to you, wherever you are in the city.

COOKONA is selling the cookie pizza in its shop, so if you'd like to see what it looks like and try a slice then stop by and ask Sabrina.

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