Constructing COOKONA

building COOKONA

After running around Barcelona delivering her cookies for some time, Sabrina decided it was time to set up some premises for COOKONA. Finding the perfect location can be tricky business in this city, but for Sabrina it came with a stroke of luck.

She loved running around her local neighborhood, the Eixample Izquierda, and had noticed a little bakery in the area that she thought would be perfect for her business. The building in which it was located was built in 1901, yet before this, the land was a performance space. At this very spot in the late 1880's Buffalo Bill held one of his world famous Wild West shows. Where her shop is now is the very place where her circus tent stood. Thinking no more about it, Sabrina flew to South Africa to run a marathon and travel for a few weeks. Returning, she noticed that the bakery was now vacant, and so researched the building on Google Maps and luckily found an image from 2013 with the rental sign and contact information visible. She immediately called the number, requested an appointment to look around the premises, fell in love and signed the contract last July.

Then the hard work began. Construction work started in early July, but Sabrina was having trouble finding workers over the summer holidays. Flying to the rescue, her mother came out from Germany to help. Along with two local friends, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, they finished almost everything themselves. From the wall tiles, to the cemented floor, the cookie counter to the kitchen installation and the finishing decorative touches, the old little Catalan bakery was transformed into COOKONA.

The grand opening was held on September 11th, which coincides with La Diada, one of the biggest Catalan celebrations of the year. Sabrina wasn't expecting a large amount of people to visit the shop, but successfully managed alone, receiving much positive feedback. Following this, the company has continued to grow with 4 more employees to help spread the cookie love around Barcelona.

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