How COOKONA got its logo

How do we recognise companies? Usually by their logo, typically a symbol or small design representing the brand. For example, Facebook’s simple white “f” on blue background, Nike’s “swoosh”, and of course Apple’s hugely popular “bitten apple”. These images are recognised in all corners of the globe.

In Sabrina’s search for a logo to represent COOKONA, she stumbled across the perfect illustrator for the job while dining at Artte on Muntaner. She noticed some interesting drawings covering one of the bar’s walls. Immediately attracted to this style of work, she did some research and uncovered the artist, Yoshi Sislay. Born in Osaka, Japan, Yoshi grew up with a desire to travel. Like Sabrina, after travelling extensively across the world, he fell in love with Barcelona and decided to permanently settle here in 2005. Without any formal training, he began to focus fully on his passion for art. Incorporating his experiences and influences from his travels into his work, he has mastered the art of creating truly original and unique pieces of work.

Although Yoshi doesn’t usually design logos, focusing mainly on illustration, he met Sabrina to discuss the project further. After serving him a matcha cookie and ice-cream cookie sandwich, Yoshi changed his mind agreeing to create COOKONA’s logo - a salamander lizard, often seen in Gaudí’s work, with several feet, each wearing a different shoe to convey the idea that anyone and everyone is welcome at COOKONA. And of course, the lizard has one of Yoshi and Sabrina’s favourite COOKONA products in its mouth - the ice-cream sandwich.

Charlotte Stace