How to make it through the week? Cookies and coffee.

It's 7am and the dreaded alarm goes off - Monday again. The weekend came and went in a flash and the working week is looming over us. How will we make it through the week AGAIN? But then we remember...we’ve got a friend’s birthday dinner tomorrow night and meeting another friend on Wednesday for a glass of wine (which will inevitably turn into a bottle of wine and a bad head Thursday), and so the pending week doesn’t seem quite so bad anymore.

How else can we break up the week? What else is there to look forward to? How else will we survive?! Ah yes, sweet treats. A trip to Cookona on our lunch break should do the trick. The precious moment of freedom that comes around every day between 1pm and 2pm. The time to relax, for peace and quiet, for a little pleasure just to take the edge off the day and its demands.

But what to choose? Cookies and ice cream, cookies and crêpes, cookie sandwiches, or better yet, cookies and a delightful speciality coffee – a match made in heaven.

Orang Utan Coffee, Matcha cookie and chocolate chips cookie dough

Dibar cafe

In the search for an exceptional coffee, Sabrina, owner of Cookona, has chosen Dibar Cafe as her coffee provider. This independent coffee company based in Barcelona produces natural roasted coffee with a delicious selection of Arabica coffees. Naturally low in caffeine and with an exquisite aroma and intense flavour, this coffee is the perfect accompaniment to one of Cookona’s freshly baked cookies. Ideal for a moment of midweek indulgence.


Another reason for Sabrina’s choice of Dibar cafe is its association with the Orang Utan Coffee Project. This social project aims to prevent the deforestation of the forests of Sumatra, improve the living conditions of coffee growers and preserve the ecosystem while conserving the orangutan's habitat. From every coffee bought at Cookona, a percentage goes to this important project, making those moments of sweet extravagance a little more selfless.

Charlotte Stace