What’s in store for COOKONA this year?

A project begins with intuitions, ideas, baby steps and small achievements. Although a slow and scary process, watching one’s project grow, gain momentum and realise its objectives is extremely rewarding. COOKONA is still revelling in last year’s successes from the opening of the shop on Rosselló with Aribau, the hiring of two new employees, involvement in multiple events, the delivery service between co-working spaces, offices and markets and an ever-expanding menu. Owner Sabrina hopes to increase COOKONA’s growth in the coming year. In order to keep you, the loyal customers, in the loop, the company’s plans for the following months are shared below:

cookie dough crêpe

Menu developments

Following the success of the cookie pizzas, Sabrina now introduces her latest creation, the cookie dough crêpe; a helping of soft cookie dough enveloped in a homemade crêpe and covered with a choice of toppings (anything from sprinkles to whipped cream to chocolate sauce). Additionally, she introduces the newest flavour to the menu, the gingerbread cookie dough. A blend of warm spices including cinnamon and nutmeg mixed with sweet honey, this new recipe makes for the perfect winter treat.


COOKONA is excited to announce that it has been nominated for Lux Magazine’s Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018. These awards aim to explore and honour establishments in the restaurant and bar industry in all locations based on their high commitment to quality service. The winners are awarded on the reviews made by clients, peers and industry professionals.


Last year COOKONA had the honour to be present at local food festival, Eat Street, based at cultural centre Nau Bostik. This weekend-long event showcases a selection of the most innovative restaurants, food trucks and chefs from around the world. The company hopes to be present for the third time at this exciting event again in the coming year.


COOKONA owner Sabrina is proud to be the founder and host of the monthly Female Entrepreneur Organisation, which will next be held on February 3rd. This organisation involves the coming together of female businesswomen based in Barcelona to discuss their ambitions, ideas and projects. Aside to the continuation and growth of this organisation, Sabrina is excited to announce the development of two new projects this year. Firstly, she will be holding Instagram Workshops, in which she will work with other entrepreneurs to talk about the use and impact of Instagram in business. Secondly, she is working on creating a YouTube channel in collaboration with food bloggers in order to explore developments and creations in food projects around Barcelona and reaching out to the rest of the world.

If you are interested in being a part of any of the coming projects here at COOKONA, drop in and say hello or send an email to sabrina@cookona.com.

Charlotte Stace