Happy New Year. Sabrina’s story.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear” George Addair

We welcome the New Year with our first blog post dedicated to the owner of COOKONA, Sabrina Settinger, her journey from Germany to Barcelona and the birth of her business.

New Year is associated with setting resolutions, wishes and goals as we leave the past year behind. Now, with a clear head, clean slate, a multitude of fresh opportunities and an endless list of possibilities, we approach the blank canvas that is 2018. During this time we look to reinvent ourselves, take up new hobbies, and change our working lives. Many of us live from day to day, unhappy in our working environment and dream of what life would be like if we could be our own boss and turn our passion into business. Yet, more often than not, the fear of failure often holds us back. Entrepreneurship implies taking risks, something that not many willingly enter into. However, this was not the case for Sabrina, who left her native Germany to pursue her business dreams in Barcelona.

Sabrina began her studies in hospitality management at home before making the move to the island of Mallorca in 2011 to complete her practical experience in a five star hotel. A raffle was held for all employees at the company Christmas dinner the following year, which Sabrina won. The prize was a trip to Barcelona, her first visit to the Catalan capital. As she walked through the city’s streets, she realised that her love affair with it had just begun and that her path would lead her there again. However, feeling restless and with a hunger for exploration and adventure, Sabrina decided to travel the world, stopping off in places such as Namibia, South Africa, Greece, the Middle East and the Americas.

At her final stop in New York, she tried her first ice cream sandwich at Melt Bakery, which would change her destiny. From this moment, she knew that she wanted to come back to Barcelona and set up her own cookie shop. And so, in 2016, she was reunited with the city and began working for one of the best pastry shops in Barcelona. Following this, she devoted herself entirely to the creation of her own business, developing homemade artisanal cookie flavours and styles. From here, COOKONA was born, initially as a cookie delivery service between co-working spaces, offices and markets, before the opening of the shop on Aribau with Rosselló in September 2017. Now, Sabrina prides herself that COOKONA is the first cookie dough shop in Barcelona, offering more than 50 cookie flavours, including vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free options, as well as cookie pizzas, crêpes with cookie dough inside and more. Every day the company is expanding and demand for Sabrina’s cookies is increasing.

With a ‘can do’ attitude and a dose of determination, there’s no reason why you can’t follow in Sabrina’s footsteps and make your own dream into a reality. 2018 marks the start of a new year with 12 new chapters and 365 new beginnings. What better time than now to turn your hobby or passion into a money-making entrepreneurial venture?

Charlotte Stace