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SQL Overview

SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to perform operations on the database (RDBMS) of the computer. SQL stands for Structured Query language. According to it performs various operations such as insertion, deletion, updating, fetching of data from the database.

Database :

Collection of data is called as Database. In Relational Database system (RDBMS) the data is stored in database objects called tables. Table is basically a collection of related data and it consists of numerous rows and columns.

Creation and Deletion of Database –

Queries –

• CREATE DATABSE Database_Name;

Here according to homework answers experts Database_Name is the name that is to be given to the database.

For Example –


According to studydaddy here Student is the name of the database created.

• DROP DATABSE Database_Name;

Here Database_Name is the name that is of database that is to be deleted.

For Example –


Here Student is the name of the database deleted.


In column function it takes entire column as an argument and produces single result. The different functions are sum, average, minimum number, maximum number, count. • Average – SELECT AVG(coloumn_name) FROM table_name; For Example - SELECT AVG(Salary) AS Average FROM Student_info; • Sum – SELECT SUM(coloumn_name) FROM table_name; For Example - SELECT SUM(Salary) AS TotalSalary FROM Student_info; • Minimum – SELECT MIN(coloumn_name) FROM table_name; For Example - SELECT MIN(Salary) AS MinimunSalary FROM Student_info; • Maximum – SELECT MAX(coloumn_name) FROM table_name; For Example - SELECT MAX(Salary) AS MaximumSalary FROM Student_info; • Count – SELECT COUNT(coloumn_name) FROM table_name;

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