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Stages of Organizing and Conducting Experimental Work in the Course of the Dissertation

First, you have to define the main postulates of the experiment. Here it is necessary to determine the purpose and objectives of the experiment, the tools that the author has (equipment, additional materials, etc.), outline the general scheme for conducting (who should do what, how and when), put forward a hypothesis, etc.

The second stage is a brief description of all stages of experimental work. At this stage, the researcher should draw up a plan of action, defining:

  • Rules for conducting a stating experiment, which involves studying the current state of the object of study;

  • The procedure for conducting a formative experiment, which should bring changes to the current position of the object according to the author's hypothesis. Here it is important to evaluate the changes that have taken place and the effectiveness of all actions, the results obtained.

  • The control experiment is aimed at obtaining more accurate results, which will allow accepting or rejecting the idea put forward by the author. If the researcher does not plan to repeat the experiment, then at this stage he must evaluate the effectiveness of all previously taken measures, show the results obtained, note the advantages and disadvantages of his plan, and obtain a final conclusion.

Conducting experimental work when performing a dissertation involves the development of an experience program, a detailed plan that will indicate the main criteria, factors affecting the object of study, the characteristics of the subject, the procedure for improving the object, the rating scale, etc.

The implementation of the experience should be well-planned, taking into account the principles:

  • achievability (the researcher must set realistic goals that can be achieved and evaluated),

  • efficiency (all results obtained must be promptly recorded),

  • validity (each step of the experiment must be expedient, reasoned and necessary for the disclosure of a topic or idea).


The experimental part, as a section of the dissertation, must take into account all the requirements. Therefore, here it is necessary to know how to correctly format text and graphic elements, to express thoughts consistently, logically, strictly in a scientific style.

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